Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Beginnings

This past week I got to see some family that I have not seen in over 10 years. I got to spend some time with my Grandma on my Dads side.
This trip was a great one. I spent time with my Family that I have not seen in a long time. Growing up we never really went to my Dads families houses or went to visit so I missed out ton those relationships that were never there. But this week that changed. I got to spend time with my Dads sister and brother.
My Dads brother is a nice man. You would never guess that they were twins by looking at them. He is a religious man and does the best that he can.
My Dads sister on the other hand is a real trooper. She survived Cancer and at 54 you would not believe the things that she does. She plays drums in her church band. Just dug a septic system by herself. Build a Deck and here is the kicker.... She hunts. In her house there are antlers from deer and a stuffed Black Bear that she shot herself. She is a truly amazing woman. I hope to later this year take my family down there so they will not miss out on the things that I did. I know that my Aunt would be a great role model for our daughters on how to be an independent woman. I hope that Mrs D and I always have a good relationship with both sides of the family as it is important to our children growing up to know all of our family..

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