Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Traveling Again

June and July are going to be busy months for me and traveling. I feel like my mail should be forwarded to the Holiday Inn....

I miss my wife and my kids so badly when I am on the road. But I try to keep myself busy when I am gone. I picked up a great new hobby in the last month...photography!!!!

I am starting with landscapes and scenery since I will be in California and West Virginia in the next month but I find it relaxing to walk around the City or to take a drive in the country to look for shots.

We also celebrated Little D's 4th Birthday this past weekend. After Mrs D and I worked our butts off for 3 weeks the party is over and it was a success.

Baby D Started on some solid foods this past week as well. Se liked it but was mad when it was all gone!!! I was so happy that I got to be there for those two big milestones.

My Son is becoming quite the baseball player now. He is consistently hitting home runs and is the best player on his team. Recently he tried out for a traveling team and we are still waiting to hear the results.
So life is good right now... until next time Daddy D is signing off....

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