Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home at Last!!!

I have finally reached a time in my schedule that allows me to be home for a few days.... But with a price....

I am home and have a long weekend planned .. I want to go camping.. actual camping..tent... fire the whole nine.. I know that my time home is short lived and I will be back on the road soon but I want to help my kids have great memories of the times that we are together..

In two weeks I start on a marathon traveling spree.... WV to California to WV to home.. I will have a few days home in that stretch but only a few. From the 29Th of June to the 14Th of July I am on the road and will miss my kids..

Today being Fathers day I want to reflect on my memories when I was a kid...

My Dad is a hard working man always has been.. He worked the same job until he was forced to leave it about a year ago.

My Dad is my idol.. I hope that I can provide for my family half as much as he did for us growing up. My Dad was a restaurant manager and anyone that has ever worked in that field knows its a bunch of long hours and late nights..

In the summer I would force my self to stay up and wait for him just to get a little time with him. He would bring us home food and we would sit there and talk and eat with him..

My Dad never got to rest he always was busy.. I am proud that he is my father..

I wish I could help him now.. He was let go by his company after 40+ years.. I wish he would come live with us but he has other plans..

Happy Fathers Day Dad.. I love you

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Traveling Again

June and July are going to be busy months for me and traveling. I feel like my mail should be forwarded to the Holiday Inn....

I miss my wife and my kids so badly when I am on the road. But I try to keep myself busy when I am gone. I picked up a great new hobby in the last!!!!

I am starting with landscapes and scenery since I will be in California and West Virginia in the next month but I find it relaxing to walk around the City or to take a drive in the country to look for shots.

We also celebrated Little D's 4th Birthday this past weekend. After Mrs D and I worked our butts off for 3 weeks the party is over and it was a success.

Baby D Started on some solid foods this past week as well. Se liked it but was mad when it was all gone!!! I was so happy that I got to be there for those two big milestones.

My Son is becoming quite the baseball player now. He is consistently hitting home runs and is the best player on his team. Recently he tried out for a traveling team and we are still waiting to hear the results.
So life is good right now... until next time Daddy D is signing off....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Beginnings

This past week I got to see some family that I have not seen in over 10 years. I got to spend some time with my Grandma on my Dads side.
This trip was a great one. I spent time with my Family that I have not seen in a long time. Growing up we never really went to my Dads families houses or went to visit so I missed out ton those relationships that were never there. But this week that changed. I got to spend time with my Dads sister and brother.
My Dads brother is a nice man. You would never guess that they were twins by looking at them. He is a religious man and does the best that he can.
My Dads sister on the other hand is a real trooper. She survived Cancer and at 54 you would not believe the things that she does. She plays drums in her church band. Just dug a septic system by herself. Build a Deck and here is the kicker.... She hunts. In her house there are antlers from deer and a stuffed Black Bear that she shot herself. She is a truly amazing woman. I hope to later this year take my family down there so they will not miss out on the things that I did. I know that my Aunt would be a great role model for our daughters on how to be an independent woman. I hope that Mrs D and I always have a good relationship with both sides of the family as it is important to our children growing up to know all of our family..