Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home at Last!!!

I have finally reached a time in my schedule that allows me to be home for a few days.... But with a price....

I am home and have a long weekend planned .. I want to go camping.. actual camping..tent... fire the whole nine.. I know that my time home is short lived and I will be back on the road soon but I want to help my kids have great memories of the times that we are together..

In two weeks I start on a marathon traveling spree.... WV to California to WV to home.. I will have a few days home in that stretch but only a few. From the 29Th of June to the 14Th of July I am on the road and will miss my kids..

Today being Fathers day I want to reflect on my memories when I was a kid...

My Dad is a hard working man always has been.. He worked the same job until he was forced to leave it about a year ago.

My Dad is my idol.. I hope that I can provide for my family half as much as he did for us growing up. My Dad was a restaurant manager and anyone that has ever worked in that field knows its a bunch of long hours and late nights..

In the summer I would force my self to stay up and wait for him just to get a little time with him. He would bring us home food and we would sit there and talk and eat with him..

My Dad never got to rest he always was busy.. I am proud that he is my father..

I wish I could help him now.. He was let go by his company after 40+ years.. I wish he would come live with us but he has other plans..

Happy Fathers Day Dad.. I love you

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