Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coast to Coast

Back on the road... In the past 7 Days I have went from Home to California to WV almost to DC..

Been a busy couple of weeks for me at work. I had another California trip. I got to go to Sequoia National Park and it was beautiful. The only problem was it was not the same... If my family was there it would have been a great trip.

There is something about heading west that i am always anxious about. I am not sure if it is the insecurity of not knowing anything about the area or if its the fact if something happens at home I am at least a day's worth of travel away.

The stress from traveling takes the a toll on the family. My Wife gets stressed that makes me get stressed and the kids act out because they miss me. So after a long discussion between my wife and I we are setting goals and arraigning out fiances so I can either work from home or my wife and I can start a business from home.

I can't wait until the day that my morning commute is from the living room to the office. We might have to make some sacrifices but in the long run we will have a happy family and that is the most important.

One of my favorite sayings is the following

Years from now..

It will not have mattered what car I drove or how much money I have made..

Only if I can make a different in the life of a child..

I always think of that and it puts life into perspective.

There is nothing more important than your family and friends.....

Until the next time..

Travel Safe....

Up Next... Camping with the kids..

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